My homepage is alive, just like me - it is constantly growing!
I will add or fill-in content on a weekly basis.

I fight for every step - enjoying life with the diagnosis of ALS

My name is Dennis Schneider. I was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 43, which gave my life a new direction. I have an incurable disease, but I am not terminally ill. Since the diagnosis I have constantly adapted my life to the new conditions and have always remained active. I didn't let the disease control me. After careful consideration, my wife and I decided to have a baby.

On our way as a family we have learned, that the amount of information about ALS is huge. It was incredibly difficult
for us to figure out what was relevant to us from this amount of information, even more to find encouraging reports.
This gave us the motivation to create a platform on which you can get information in a positive atmosphere. A wide
variety of subject areas, such as clinical picture, forms of therapy, working with the assistance model (subject of the Swiss
Disability insurance), active lifestyle, travel, club activities and much more are listed here. We are also happy to pass on our tips and tricks that we have used in the past in order to enjoy an active life together.